The chicken soup of the Wegmans

He had wanted chicory soup for years, hence the long search for organic chicory. Endives have something to do with such a clean and nutritious soup. When I served this soup at MyWegmansConnect for dinner (on toast with garlic butter), it was accompanied only by a long silence and the sound of spoons and bowls … Read more

Wegmans vs McDonald’s: Who wins the race?

McDonald’s Corp. already markets its McCafé Besta coffee in supermarkets in the United States. And the proof goes far beyond the high-quality roasted coffee that has been available in Canada since late 2012. On Monday, I suggested that the recent announcement of the McCafé coffee show should kick off the McCafé retail coffee test. McDonald’s … Read more

How did Wegmans acquire the top position?

We love farmers’ markets. We live to discover these small specialty shops that sell exotic cheeses, temptations in glasses, and indescribable but fascinating spices. But for most of us, most purchases are still made in traditional supermarkets, where each aisle has a number and each fruit has a code. Robots, predictable terrain, transformed and packaged? … Read more

The delicious Salmon of the Wegmans

Now that the weather is warmer, I can’t wait to make healthy dinners. This recipe for grilled salmon and asparagus is one of our weekly meals, especially on a children’s activity night. I often choose Freekeh as a healthy side for whole grains because it is a great source of fiber, protein, and iron. Freekeh … Read more

The innovations of the Wegmans going right?

Wegmans was born out of discontent with the status quo and has repeatedly set new standards since its founding in 1916 to achieve more than the shopping experience should be. Wegmans go back to the beginning and always embraced new thoughts, technologies, and what could be better. In the 1930s, Wegmans built a 300-seat coffee … Read more

The health benefits of the employees clipped of by the Wegmans

Wegmans, a popular Northeast supermarket chain known for treating its employees well, announced Thursday that in 2015, a year after Obamacare went into effect, it will cut benefits for certain part-time workers. The chain joins several other large companies like MyWegmansConnect that have been revised in anticipation of the Accessible Aid Law. Some were criticized … Read more

The high school inspired by the Wegmans

You know you did when your buyers started writing ballads about you. This month, Wegmans, the Rothmans family supermarket in New York, worked with stores like Walmart, Woolworth, and Apple to help fans write their own songs. A new play by a group of Northborough, Massachusetts, college students, “Wegmans The Musical,” tells the story of … Read more

Wegmans ruling the market for a good time now

People love Wegmans. According to an annual Nielsen survey released this week, the Rochester, New York, grocery store named Amazon the best company on a list of 100 highly visible companies. “Being recognized in this way is just amazing,” Danny Wegman, the company’s general manager, said in a statement. It always starts with our employees … Read more

The reputation of the Wegmans in the market

Goldman Sachs has the worst reputation of a large American company. New York supermarket chain Wegmans is the most popular company. Samsung has also surpassed Apple as the most trusted technology company this year, and has risen to second place after first in the past two years. The Harris Poll reputation score measures public … Read more

Wegmans, a great option for low income residents

The announcement that Wegmans wanted to open a store in Brooklyn caused a stir among New Yorkers on Wednesday. The proposed supermarket, which will open in 2017, would bring affordable food prices to part of Fort Greene waiting for its own high-quality supermarket. The site is adjacent to Farragut Houses, a public housing development near … Read more