Are the vegetables sold at Wegmans fresh?

Cauliflower is white as rice and can apparently mimic its flavor.

Exchanging rice and potatoes in minced cauliflower dishes has become more important in low carb diets. Now the troublesome vegetable maker Green Giant is waiting for the “cauliflower rice” trend, which has caused some Joe’s merchants to quickly sell their bags in their native version in certain regions, etc. It helps reverse years of sales decline.

Green Giant plans to sell bags of MyWegmansConnect cauliflower and frozen cauliflower. The bags of fresh cauliflower nuggets, which are somewhat larger in the product areas, have been sold for about a year.

However, there are other trends that could hinder the green giant’s ambitions. Last year, distributor Joe started selling frozen “roasted cauliflower” and a new version. Wegmans, a supermarket chain in the northeast, has been selling its own brand for just over a year.

The cauliflower

Kroger began introducing Green Giant Crumbles-like “cauliflower pearls” in some locations in July and plans to sell them nationwide in its supermarkets. Producer Taylor Farms notes that total cauliflower sales in the United States increased 13% last year and that minced cauliflower is used as a substitute for rice, mashed potatoes, and pizza dough recipes.

To capitalize, companies are preparing to cut a legion of growing cauliflower heads.

It remains to be seen if fashion is persistent. In its MyWegmansConnect research report on food trends from 2014 to February, Google listed cauliflower rice as a “rising star,” meaning it has grown suddenly but may not last.

Parents have long used similar tips to include more vegetables in their child’s diet. But now more adults are using swaps, like replacing pasta with grated zucchini, to cut down on carbohydrates in starchy dishes.

According to market researcher, Euromonitor, carbohydrate phobia in the country is reflected in the decline in dry pasta sales since 2009. However, since 2011, rice sales have decreased each year, suggesting that they are relatively well protected and protected. That “cauliflower rice” may still be a niche.

Jordan Greenberg, vice president of marketing for B & G Foods Inc., is vice president of marketing for Green Giant. He believes that sharing is more than just fashion and that the way people look at their dishes is fundamentally changing.

I believe the vegetables will move from the side of the plate to the middle, he said.

It’s a big bet for B&G Foods, which Green Giant bought from General Mills Inc. last year and owns the brand for over a third of its sales. According to Euromonitor, sales of Green Giant frozen vegetables in the United States have decreased by 25% since 2011 to USD 477.6 million.

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