Wegmans in the Turkey

The biggest dinner day of the year still means hours in the kitchen for cooks who love to cook a turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, gravy, and pastries. But in a fast-food country, most Thanksgiving dinners now include something, whether it’s a cake or a full meal, that is made in a supermarket or restaurant. “With … Read more

Will Wegmans stop selling cigarettes?

On Wednesday, CVS Caremark Corp announced that its 7,600 stores will stop selling all tobacco products in October. This makes the company the first American pharmacy chain to take cigarettes off the shelves. Public health experts say the decision by the US pharmacy chain 2 as a sensible move that could lead other companies to … Read more

Are the vegetables sold at Wegmans fresh?

Cauliflower is white as rice and can apparently mimic its flavor. Exchanging rice and potatoes in minced cauliflower dishes has become more important in low carb diets. Now the troublesome vegetable maker Green Giant is waiting for the “cauliflower rice” trend, which has caused some Joe’s merchants to quickly sell their bags in their native … Read more

Wegmans introduces a lottery

Time is running out. Lottery officials in California and New Jersey say two unused $ 250,000 tickets will expire if their lucky owners don’t change them quickly. In New Jersey, authorities announced that a Mega Millions ticket sold for the drawing on October 5, 2012, at a Wegmans supermarket in central New York will expire … Read more

Rules made strict at the Wegmans

The gun control debate will replace this week’s meeting between Washington, President Trump, and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin to help bridge the gap between the MyWegmansConnect parties. But it seems that the two sides are ready for a long fight. Trump reportedly said he was ready to do something with Democrats, but he also insisted … Read more

The rise of the LGPA in Wegmans

Southampton, NY – Ha-Neul Kim patented a 66-year-old player Thursday to take the lead in 1 goal late in the first round of the United States Open. Kim, who only participates in her third LPGA event this season and performs at her first US Open, is a seven-time KLPGA Tour winner. This is my first … Read more

The Wegmans LPGA schedule released

Daytona Beach, FL – The LPGA tour, which began in 2012 to plan the list of events, includes five new events. As previously announced, the tour opens the season from February 9 to 12 in Australia with its first stop. The events will take place in Thailand and Singapore ahead of the first state event … Read more

Wegmans specializerd in serving Pistachio

The following recalls have been announced as the products may be mixed with Salmonella, an organism that can bring serious and sometimes fatal infections, especially in young children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems: Ann’s House of Nuts Inc. remembers products that contain pistachios. According to the company, no complaints or illnesses were … Read more

Wegmans collaborate with LGPA

“It’s hard to believe. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to understand what happened,” Nordqvist said as he prepared to defend his LPGA championship. All went well. The loyal Swede, who played his fifth professional tournament, played a final of 4 minus 68 at Bulle Rock a year ago to defeat Lindsey Wright with four … Read more

The Salmonella at the Wegmans

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. is known for its turkey pies with a salmonella season that has affected 42 people in six states. The walnut brooch will be sold on supermarket shelves against the levels of Wegmans stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland between October 1 and 18. in a statement on … Read more