New organic health snack at the Wegmans

NEW YORK, 16. August 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Gutzy proudly presents the first super-granny organic snack in gut health in a taste and expands sales to more than 3,000 supermarkets nationwide (including Publix, Safeway, Stop-Shop, Giant and Wegmans). Gutzy Supergreen, a revolutionary form of herbal superfoods that are a bit of their gut health, offers organic apple type c, spinach, kiwis, and a collage blend of prebiotic fiber and vitamins. In short: Gutzy has good bacteria in the gut and supports our digestive system throughout the day, it has been used for better overall well-being and better energy.

 “Fresh Healthy Snack” – Good Health

“Fresh Snacking on health and wellness channel products” is one of the most popular trends in food retailing,” says Bob Benenson of New Hope Media. The “Healthy Fresh Snacking” segment in the handle and march format the size of a portion of the size of the fastest store (from 8% to 6.8 billion U.S. dollars), compared to the entire snack market, which SPINS says is flat (US$59.8 billion). “We’re seeing brands like Perfect Bar and we’re experiencing double-digit/triple-digit growth as consumers are increasingly looking for new options,” says David Istier, Gutzy’s grinder.

Gut Health is becoming a megatrend, due to the growing scientific research and also the growing popularity of products such as kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut with him. “With MyWegmansConnect we share a ‘similar consumer with Kombucha. A consumer looking for organic food and moans that provide accommodation, makes their guts healthier and makes them,” says MyWegmansConnect.

Good health as fiber

The issue of gut health is not a new concept. Two thousand years ago, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was quoted as saying, “The whole disease starts in the gut.” Today, consumers are finally at the end of the day. Insufficient fiber intake is widespread, as Americans consume less than half of the recommended daily amount of 25 g (Slavin, 2008). Fiber is now recognized as a crucial role in reducing the risk of cardiopathy, abyss and type 2 diabetes, and is important for optimal digestive health. (The Journal of Nutrition by the American Society for Nutrition, 2012).

Was it prebiotic? It is a type of fiber that feeds healthy bacteria that already exist in our gut. A relatively new concept in the area of well-being, prebiotics are the first s’ulen, to improve digestion and overall health. A prebiotic is a best friend of probiotics!

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