Some products that will change the Wegmans forever

“We are seeing more and more that our customers are looking for healthy and tasty products, and overall clean vegan products are becoming increasingly popular,” said Matthew Gagnon, health category manager at Harris Teeter. We are extremely thrilled to be able to offer ALOHA protein bar powders and competitions to meet the new needs of our buyers.

In addition to expanding physical retail, ALOHA is also available on Amazon, where sales have quadrupled in the past year. As ALOHA works hard to make healthy living accessible to consumers, the brand plans to further amplify its availability and invest in product development in 2019. ALOHA products are also available online at Thrive Market and ALOHA. com.

About Aloha

ALOHA’s mission is to make healthy living with clean, organic, plant-based foods easy and accessible to all. By focusing on our protein bars and protein bars, ALOHA produces organic products that must be enjoyed and enjoyed without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Each item is formulated to the highest standards, rich in nutrients and carefully packaged, with the utmost respect for people and the environment. ALOHA is currently available from Amazon, CVS, Harris Teeter, HEB, Kroger, Meijer, Target, Wegmans, Shaws, Stop & Shop, Thrive Market and many others.

MyWegmansConnect is another innovative step by the Wegmans to make the life of the employees at the Wegmans easy. This online portal is specifically launched by the Wegmans to make sure that the employees don’t face any sort of trouble in their corporate life. Many employees have registered themselves on the MyWegmansConnect.

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