The love for the Wegmans among the customer is at its peak

Wegmans recently won the press because it is one of the best supermarkets in the country. As a native of Syracuse, New York, amidst Wegman territory, I couldn’t agree more.

A group of students from the Music Theater in Northborough, Massachusetts. You have to feel the same. In honor of MyWegmansConnect, the students created a complete musical that distributed Broadway songs with lyrics to praise the supermarket:

To the rhythm of Rent’s “live stations”

“525,600 square feet, 5225,000 cases of beer. 525,600 square feet, how is diversity measured here? In cheese, products, bakeries, coffee shops, apple pie, walnuts, and blueberries. Welcome to WEGGGGGGGGMANSSS … We love Wegmans.

To the beat of “Populaire” by Wicked

Every time I check someone who is less healthy than me and we will face him who is not less healthy than me? My Wegman’s heart is bleeding.

The music contains fun sketches that show how helpful and friendly the people at Wegmans are and how much the company has to offer.

MyWegmansConnect designers worked with Stewart to develop the hybrid solution. Glass offers privacy and the vintage yarn aesthetic blends design with the building’s historic character. The glass is laminated and conforms to modern construction standards. We kept the old appeal, but moved the glass construction to the modern one, said Stewart.

More than 25,000 customers visited the new Brooklyn Wegmans on the first day and set a sales record on opening day. Shoppers stayed in the rain and stayed more than seven hours to be among the first in the store.


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