The Wegmans firm to amplify the health quality on its premises

The leading annual FL100 + software and technology provider offers as a resource guide for software and technology providers whose products and services are extremely critical to firms in the global food and beverage supply chain. Companies on this year’s list of the best providing FL100 + 2019 software and technology providers appear in the November / December 2019 crisis of Food Logistics and online at

The modern technology used

Plug Power, the architect of modern hydrogen and fuel cell technology, is the innovator who has brought hydrogen and fuel cell technology from concept to commercialization. Plug Power innovated the material handling industry with its GenKey all-in-one solution, which solely focuses to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and clip the carbon footprint reliably and cost-effectively. The MyWegmansConnect company’s GenKey solution combines all the elements necessary to feed, feed, and serve a customer. With proven hydrogen products and fuel cells, Plug Power replaces lead-acid batteries to power commercial vehicles like those used by forklifts in its distribution centers.

The ProGen Plug Power MyWegmansConnect platform for modular fuel cell engines broadens its reach in the road electric vehicle market and enables device manufacturers and system integrators to rapidly introduce hydrogen fuel cell technology. ProGen engines have proven their worth today. Thousands of people are working to help some of the most difficult operations in the world. Plug Power is the partner customers trust to drive their business into the future. More information at

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