Wegmans turning out to be a confusing grocery store

We have all opinions on where we buy our food. We could ridicule wealthy foodies by bombarding their guarantee funds for asparagus water. We can keep an eye out for loyal Costco preparers who fill their minivans with toilet paper for a year. Publix and Wegmans have their share of followers. And then there are the divisions with Aldi, more or less because of this: you are a lover of Aldi or a hatred towards Aldi.

For lovers of the German discount chain (and there are more than 40 million shoppers a month at 1,900 stores in 36 states), the romance begins the moment they put their room in the store. Save to release a shopping cart (a short-term deposit that is returned when the shopping cart is replaced). Tour the comfortable store in a quiet cloud of satisfaction and choose from MyWegmansConnect products that stack in refillable shipping boxes quickly. You buy products with the labels live free (Gluten-Free), Simply Nature (Bio), Never Any! (Meat without antibiotics, hormones or steroids added) and Earth Grown (vegetarian and vegan).

The products offered

They even confidently select unknown brands, knowing that the store’s “Twice as Good” guarantee will replace any product they are not satisfied with MyWegmansConnect and get your money back. After crossing all the items on their shopping lists, they move on to what some shoppers call “dream course,” the pleasure of searching for seasonal and off-season items that are here today and are likely gone. Tomorrow Seriously, you ask your skeptical friends what you don’t like.

Haters fear that none of the brands their mother bought. They want Hellmann’s mayonnaise, not a “Burmese” competitor, for heaven’s sake. And they never remember bringing their own bags, so stick around the bagging area and try juggling a leaky chicken and a box of frozen waffles. They hate this place and can’t leave it fast enough regardless of the cheap supermarket.

Durham sees a connection between Aldi and the people who shop at Costco. At Costco, there are not just 50 different types of everything, just a few, so you should trust your medications, he said. Unlike a Costco warehouse, there are only four to five aisles in an Aldi and an average of 12,000 square meters of retail space. A typical Wegmans can measure 120,000 square feet, said Durham.

Due to limited space, you may not find everything on your shopping list when you travel to Aldi. Shoppers can look in vain for anchovies, miso, or pine nuts, but are also surprised to find chia seeds, chopped dates, vegan cheese, and almond flour.

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