Hiring process of the Wegmans

HARRISON, NY April 3, 2019, / PRNewswire / – Construction on the Harrison Wegmans grocery market is nearing completion and construction is imminent. The Rochester supermarket chain is now looking for 220 full-time employees to open a new 121,000-square-meter store before spring 2020. Residents can now apply online at https://jobs.wegmans.com/harrison or calling 914-. 539-3700 for … Read more

Some interesting facts about the Wegmans

Wegman stores later acquired a cult following. It is easy to understand why. The Rochester, New York-based company has been recognized as the “Best Supermarket Chain” in the United States. The most popular supermarket chain in the United States is also widely recognized as one of the best employers. But you won’t find a Wegmans … Read more

The work-life balance at Wegmans

“Balance between professional and private life”. It’s one of those worn-out corporate stereotypes that, frankly, most companies can do wrong. Of course, bedrooms, generous vacation policies, and other perks representing a particular tech giant (rhymes with Schmoogle) have become more common, eliminating old ideas of flexibility at work. But as anyone who has vacationed or … Read more

The old chicken is back at the Wegmans

The popular Wegmans supermarket chain gets 1,125 pounds of chicken from its stores. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (FSIS), the chicken was described as “manufactured without federal inspection” outside of normal production times. A MyWegmansConnect post claims that only three of the four products listed made it to the shelves. The room … Read more

Similarities between Wegmans and Costco

What could Google have in common with Wegmans and Costco? The tech giant is working on big idea projects like driverless cars and “smart” contact lenses, as well as its top research businesses. The other two are mainly focused on selling food. Yet it’s crucial that all three companies do something right: They offer employees … Read more

Wegmans in trouble?

Donald Trump’s shared presidency extends to the wine department. MyWegmansConnect is under pressure to stop selling Trump wines at stores near the president of the Virginia Winery, the Washington Post reports. Wegmans, a regional chain formerly known as America’s most popular grocery store, sells Trump wines to 10 locations in Virginia, spokesman Jo Natale told … Read more

Wegmans is expanding its family

The cult of Wegmans fans is growing a bit. The Rochester, New York, the supermarket chain will open ten new stores in the next three years, he told the Huffington Post early Tuesday. The new stores are located in Virginia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The company opened a store in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts … Read more