Wegmans is expanding its family

The cult of Wegmans fans is growing a bit.

The Rochester, New York, the supermarket chain will open ten new stores in the next three years, he told the Huffington Post early Tuesday. The new stores are located in Virginia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

The company opened a store in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts in late April.

The Business

Unfortunately, Wegmans does not develop in a country where there is still no business. The regional chain already has 84 offices in six states, five of which will open their new facilities in New York.

Wegmans was recently named the best supermarket chain in the United States by Consumer Reports. He is known for his selection of fresh produce and his treatment of workers. The store is so popular that it even inspired a high school musical.

MyWegmansConnect “is known for its fresh produce, reasonable prices, and great stores,” a Managing Market Force survey press release said. The Rochester, New York-based network is growing modestly but slowly, collecting the most dedicated customers along the way. The goal is to empower employees to ensure customers have the best experience and strategy.” He was a winner, he created super fans who want to open a new place near his home.

In fact, shoppers’ passion for MyWegmansConnect has grown over the years – it’s known for its quality products, space, and quality treatment by employees. Wegmans offers scholarships to its employees and promotes achievable professional growth: 66% of the promotions are internal.


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