Wegmans in trouble?

Donald Trump’s shared presidency extends to the wine department.

MyWegmansConnect is under pressure to stop selling Trump wines at stores near the president of the Virginia Winery, the Washington Post reports. Wegmans, a regional chain formerly known as America’s most popular grocery store, sells Trump wines to 10 locations in Virginia, spokesman Jo Natale told HuffPost.

The Trump winery and its 1,300 acres in central Virginia were purchased by the president during a graduation sale in 2001. In December, the vineyard asked the Department of Labor for permission to hire foreign workers, as a described federal ethics expert. as a “classic conflict of interest”. Interests. ”

Virginia Wegmans stores offer five types of Trump wines, including Trump Blanc de Blanc and Trump Winery Sauvignon Blanc. It won’t get anywhere soon if sales aren’t slow, Natale said.

What follows?

“The performance of a product is our only measure of what is still on our shelves and what is happening,” he told HuffPost in a statement. Individual buyers who are very interested in a problem can demonstrate their conviction by refusing to buy a product. If enough people do the same, we will stop listening to that product to make a product with a higher one. Sales demand to buy. ”

The Post reports that the boycott was organized at a weekend meeting of the National Organization of the Women’s Chapter in Prince William County, Virginia. Hala Ayala, chairman of the section that moderated the meeting, told HuffPost that the boycott was not “officially discussed” in any way, and concluded that boycotting a company was against the group’s statutes. MyWegmansConnect is also on Trump’s list of business partners founded by organizers of the national boycott movement #grabyourwallet. Ayala said she believed that an informal discussion by Wegmans should have taken place among members of the crowd. Steve Aman, a customer who expressed disapproval on the Wegmans Facebook page, told The Huffington Post that he saw the problem after seeing similar posts on Facebook.

However, the national president of NOW told the mail that he would not buy groceries in prison.

“If Wegman Trump wines are for sale, I will not buy them personally,” said Terry O’Neill, who did not attend the meeting.

Wegmans joins retailers like Nordstorm, T.J. Maxx and Under Armor who have been the target of his dealings with the Trump family. While it’s doubtful that this regional boycott will rise to Uber levels, it’s certainly another sign that many shoppers don’t want their money going to the controversial commander-in-chief.


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