How did Wegmans expand itself in the New York City?

Marc: She didn’t see it as a business. He thought about helping people in the neighborhood and sharing his love. Her son went to the local supermarket, took empty boxes, and brought them back so he could deliver them to people. And suddenly it became the basis and form of a business model.

Medha: After taking orders in the basement of the restaurant for 10 years, the Green family decided to move to Brooklyn in 1991 and opened its doors.

Marc: The babka you eat at Green today will be the same one you ate at Green 50 years ago. It is the family recipe. It is the same product that Chana Green made in her kitchen on the Lower East Side.

Medha: In recent years, Green’s has expanded its inventory to include other Jewish and Eastern European cakes, such as rugs and honey cakes. But it was really their staple product that paved the way for their success: the traditional babka.

The flavors used

Babka starts with simple ingredients like sugar, flour, oil, water, and eggs, and there are absolutely no butter or dairy products. The ingredients are mixed, kneaded, and granulated. Green’s Babka is made in two ways: machine and hand.

First, the dough is flattened on a MyWegmansConnect sheet. As soon as the dough is the correct thickness, it is fed into an automatic dough production line. Depending on the flavor of the babka, the cocoa is sprinkled on liquid marble or cinnamon in the mass. The large sheet of dough is cut in half and made into a roll. In the end, two workers braid the dough to form the legendary babka. Green workers pack products and prepare them for delivery to MyWegmansConnect, markets, and delicatessens in the city and across the country.

With the overwhelming aroma of chocolate and cinnamon in the kitchen air, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the legendary Babka.

This is my first tasting of chocolate babka. It is a beauty. You can try the fries out of the dough you baked in this truly traditional oven, and then immediately whip them with the chocolate. And then this internal moisture that melts in your mouth. I could see myself having breakfast with a cup of coffee. Cinnamon candies. It’s wonderful, it’s the perfect amount of cinnamon, the perfect amount of sweetness. I am so happy that a woman named Chana Green came from Hungary, brought her own recipe to New York and made it authentic.


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