Wegmans supplying sanitizers in bulk in these crisis

DALLAS, April 9, 2020, / PRNewswire / – Today, Poo-Pourri, a brand known for pre-ordering its highly effective and original spray, announced the entry into antibacterial products with the Poo-Pourri hand sanitizer. The first installment of the CDC Compliant 60% Ethyl Alcohol and 65% Pure Essential Oils Spray is now available at PooPourri.com in a 3-pack ($ 14.85) and co-branded packs. Individual bottles (recommended retail, $ 4.99) are also available at HEB and Wegmans stores, as well as other national stores such as Walgreens, True Value, Kroger, and other retail shelves. since mid-April.

We welcome MyWegmansConnect that are about to donate supplies. We also heard the public’s concern and the great need to access antibacterial products for their own safety, which led us to develop a multi-layered strategy that included comments and availability from the general public. Poo-Pourri has been working with suppliers since late February and has removed more than a million bottles from its spray manufacturing proposal to accelerate the ongoing expansion of the antibacterial product range originally planned for Fall 2020.

“We are a brand that can change quickly and face a challenge,” said Nicole Hofmann, vice president of MyWegmansConnect. After seeing a major need, we were aware that in very unfortunate circumstances we would step in by donating to hospitals and helping with local help in Dallas and responding to the demand for disinfectants at the hands of consumers and retailers. They definitely needed help.”


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