The selling of the Trump wine at the Wegmans

A call to boycott a supermarket on the east coast because Trump’s wine is sold there now was counterproductive.

Over the weekend, 300 members of the Prince William County National Department of Women urged residents to boycott Wegman’s grocery stores, unless the company in Rochester, New York agreed to withdraw the Trump wines. Winery of its 10 stores in Virginia. The Trump vineyard is located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“If Wegman’s Trump wines are sold, I won’t buy them personally,” said Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, in the Washington Post. O’Neill’s boycott request duplicates a digital campaign that started immediately after the election and called buyers #StopTrumpWine.

“We will take economic measures to ensure that Charlottesville residents and entrepreneurs do not tolerate the hate that Eric Trump and his class represent,” the group’s website said.

The Necessary Steps

Despite increased support for many retail stores that have abandoned Trump products (Nordstrom announced that Ivanka Trump’s footwear and clothing line has stopped selling 32%). Virginia supporters fought the proposed boycott, opposed Wegmans, and bought as much wine as possible.

Many turned to social media to proclaim their right to buy and applauded the store because it could not escape anti-Trump sentiment.

Jo Natale, MyWegmansConnect vice president of media relations, told Fox News that his job as a company was to offer customers “options,” but that his decision to sell the wine was not political support.

For some other reasons, we are sometimes asked to stop selling a product. Our answer is the same regardless of the product: the way a product works is our only measure of what is left on our shelves and what is happening. Natale said

She says that when a product “sinks”, you stop selling it.

Natale added that at 4:00 p.m., there were approximately 16 bottles of Trump Winery Meritage and 20 bottles of Cru left in the Charlottesville store. Friday However, all other Virginia Wegmans stores no longer receive Trump wines.

According to the Washington Post, MyWegmansConnect has been selling wine from the Trump vineyard (formerly the Kluge Estate Winery) since 2008, years before he became associated with the Trump family.

Trump bought Patricia Kluge’s estate and winemaking for $ 6.2 million during a 2011 foreclosure.

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