The black plastic recalled at the Wegmans premises

Beware of Wegman’s customers – the company remembers its own Hummus products.

These products may have some pieces of black plastic, a press release said on Friday.

The hummus involved in the recall includes the 8- and 32-ounce sizes of Wegman’s food, which strike him as good for the original hummus.

Wegmans noted that the recall applies to units of both sizes with lot code 8118262 and marked “Best before 14/14/18”.

All products can be returned to customer support for a full refund, the chain said.

The recall applies to 3,348 8-ounce units and 596 32-ounce units, MyWegmansConnect spokeswoman Valerie Fox confirmed to Fox News.

He said the recalled products were sold at 98 stores in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

“There were no injuries reported,” added Fox.

Wegmans has been in the business for a good time now. They have been offering the best quality of food and services for many decades. People just love spending some quality time on the premises of the Wegmans. They are the one who really cares for the customers.

MyWegmansConnect is a customer satisfaction survey that is launched by the Wegmans on the online portal to make sure that the customers are loving the food and the services offered on their premises. This survey is the best way for the customers to interact directly with the administrators and place their feedback regarding the services and food served on their premises.

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