Understanding the Vanilla ice-cream of the Wegmans

Some affected consumers accuse a supermarket chain on the east coast of providing false information about the store’s vanilla ice cream.

Quincy Steele, of Pennsylvania, and Jimmy Arriola, a resident of New York, made a class-action lawsuit against Wegman’s grocery stores. They claim that the varieties in the vanilla ice cream chain do not contain real vanilla, but “natural flavors”. which comes from “non-vanilla sources”.

For decades, consumers have been eager for products that include vanilla ice cream to be flavored only with actual vanilla from the vanilla plant and contain enough vanilla to characterize the food, says the complaint, which says WIVB.

The flavors

The lawsuit further explains that these ice creams should be termed as “vanilla flavor” and that Wegman’s vanilla ice cream is “misleading” because it does not include the quantity, type, and percentage of vanilla as part of the required product flavor and meets the consumer expectations.

The Food and Drug Administration defines “natural aroma” or “natural aroma” as products that contain “aromatic components” that come from or are extracted from various sources (plants, herbs, fruits, etc.) and play an important role in food. playing It is more aromatic than nutritious.

In cases where the flavor contains only one or more natural flavors, the flavor is termed as such, such as strawberry flavor, banana flavor, or natural strawberry flavor, the FDA said in the Code of Federal Regulations.

A Wegmans representative was not immediately available to comment on the process. However, a spokesperson defended the station’s identifier in a statement emailed to CBS News.

We are extremely proud of the quality of all of our MyWegmansConnect brand products. We believe that the labeling of our ice cream meets all industry norms and standards and is in no way misleading,” the press release said. .

The class-action lawsuit seeks an injunction, which means MyWegmansConnect must rename its products and remove the products that contain the old packaging, in addition to punitive and material damage.

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