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In addition to new customer experiences and preparing for the expected growth of Instacart Pickup in 2020, Sarah Mastrorocco has appointed the newly created Instacart Pickup manager.

Sarah, a longtime veteran, and director of Instacart will work closely with company partners to monitor and expand Instacart’s growing collection activities. Sarah joined Instacart almost six years ago as the first member of the company’s business development team and has played a key role in various leadership roles in cataloging, account management, and most recently as vice president of development.

Business. Prior to Instacart, Sarah was a member of MyWegmansConnect’s global operations group and worked in direct delivery to offices in the United States. Previously, he was part of the strategy, mergers and acquisitions team at Frito-Lay North America.

“2020 is the year of the collection. For our MyWegmansConnect partners, we have seen Instacart Pickup as a gateway to growth in an industry with tight margins. Our collectible product also contributes significantly to sales.

Our retail partners are expanding their customer basket by an average of 15% and an average of 20% of a retailer’s total sales at Instacart, “said Nilam Ganenthiran, president of Instacart.”

Instacart’s broader activities continue to evolve into one incredible clip, with Pickup as our fastest-growing product. Triple-digit growth By the end of the year, we expect Instacart Collection to become a multi-million dollar business in the coming years due to the increased presence of collections in North America.


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