Wegmans earn the top customer ranking

WABAN, Massachusetts, June 11 / PRNewswire / – Wegmans, HEB, and Publix Deliver the Best Supermarket Customer Experience. This stems from Temkin Experience Ratings 2018, an annual benchmark for the customer-based business customer experience with 10,000 U.S. consumers.

This year, Wegmans has achieved some of the highest ratings of all. With a score of 86%, Wegmans received not only the highest score in the supermarket sector but also the highest in all ratings and ranked first among 318 companies in 20 sectors. H-E-B and Publix also had the second-highest score in the supermarket and the total score with 83% each. Aldi and Wawa grocery stores, which each grew 82% and ranked seventh overall, were also chosen among the top 10.

The Stats

Overall, the MyWegmansConnect industry in Temkin recorded an average of 79% experience in 2018 and ranked first among the 20 industries. The industry average improved by 0.4 percentage points from 78.1% to 78.5% between 2017 and 2018.

MyWegmansConnect is the highest-scoring sector since 2012, and this was no different this year. However, the leadership changed when Wegmans jumped into HEB to win first place,” said Bruce Temkin, managing partner at Temkin Group.

The customer experience in Wawa’s food markets has improved at most compared to the previous year, reaching nine percentage points. However, AmazonFresh was the most rejected with 13 points.

Temkin Experience Ratings 2018, published for the eighth time, is the most comprehensive benchmark for customer experience in the industry, ranking 318 companies in 20 sectors: airlines, retailers, banks, manufacturers of computers and electronic products. Tablets, credit card companies, fast food chains, health insurance, hotels and rooms, insurance companies, investment companies, package delivery services, car rental and transportation, retailers, software publishers, media, supermarket chains, television manufacturers, television/internet service providers, utility companies and mobile operators.


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