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In its eighth year of release, Temkin Trust Ratings 2018 examines the likelihood that consumers will trust businesses. Ranked 318 companies in 20 industries: Computers & Tablets, Insurance, Investment, Credit Cards, Health Insurance, TV / Internet Service, Media Streaming, Wireless, Airlines, Hotels & Rooms, Retail, Fast Food, Car Rental and transportation, supermarkets, package delivery, televisions and appliances, retailers, software and utilities.

The 2018 Temkin Trust ratings and other ratings are available on the Temkin rating website at www.TemkinRatings.com.

The results

Detailed results and review logs from MyWegmansConnect 2018 can be downloaded from the Customer Experience ® blog at ExperienceMatters.wordpress.com and from the Temkin Group website at www.TemkinGroup.com.

About Temkin Ratings: Temkin Ratings is a product of the MyWegmansConnect Group that strengthens the voice of consumers and makes their comments widely available and comparable from one industry to another. It is a collection of various benchmarks that provide important information on how large companies treat their customers. Temkin Ratings rates organizations based on comments from a large-scale online consumer survey, with ratings consistent with US census data. The USA United States for age groups, income levels, gender, geographic region, and ethnicity. Temkin’s ratings include Temkin’s experience ratings, Temkin’s forgiveness ratings, and Temkin’s confidence ratings.

About the Temkin Group: The Temkin Group is widely recognized as a leader in research and advice on customer experiences. Many of the world’s leading brands rely on their ideas and advice to guide their transformative journeys. The Temkin Group combines thought leadership from customer experience with a deep understanding of organizational dynamics to accelerate results. Rather than relying on cosmetic changes, the Temkin Group helps companies integrate practices into their culture and develop four essential skills: directed leadership, employee engagement, compelling brand values, and customer loyalty. Customers The company’s ongoing research identifies new and proven practices for a variety of activities that involve the hearts and minds of customers, employees, and partners. For more information, contact Bruce Temkin at 617-916-2075 or email [email protected].

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